The FSS plug has been completely installed

Experiment 1. FSS full scale demonstration of Cigeo sealing structure has progressed. The final phase on major emplacement activities has been finished when low pH shotcrete containment plug was installed in September 2014. Andra is now working on the assessment of the work (coring, gamma-gamma logging, TDR data) and activities which are informing about the fulfillment of requirements set for the plug.

In addition the REM experiment (metric saturation test of FSS bentonite) has been initiated with similar materials and specifications used for FSS demonstration.

Swelling clay core emplacement ongoing

FSS Experiment work is ongoing. Emplacement of swelling clay core has been progressed well during June 2014. The same material will be used for REM (resaturation experiment), which will be followed for longer period.

After the swelling clay core are in place an outer low pH shotcrete plug will still be constructed.

Here are few pictures showing the clay pellets and powder emplacement phase.

FSS Clay Material loading Photo by Svem Köhler
FSS Clay core emplacement machine.Photo: Johanna Hansen



FSS Clay core emplacement. Photo: Johanna Hansen

A short video by ANDRA and GMES informs the status of FSS experiment and preparation work done during 2013.

The plans and current status was presented in a Poster at Euradwaste 2013 conference.
Print DOPAS - Euradwaste Poster FSS (pdf) (7.6 MB)