POPLU slot excavation is ongoing. POPLU slot excavation subproject leader Sanna Mustonen and DOPAS coordinator Johanna Hansen were visiting on site discussing with personnel doing the work and following the progress.
POPLU slot excavation and ladies Photo by Posiva
POPLU underground and plug location smoothening tool. Photo by Marjatta Palmu

POPLU concrete precasting is done. A few concrete batches has been casted above surface conditions in order to study the properties of low pH concrete developed for POPLU plug experiment.

Low pH casting in field is a new procedure. Photo by Posiva
New low pH concrete in field use for its first time. Representatives of construction companies and Posiva are following the precasting. Photo by Posiva


Low pH concrete flows despite of reinforcement. Photo by Posiva
Flow properties of low pH concrete looks good. Photo by Posiva.



Extensometers has been emplaced nearby POPLU Experiment tunnel for monitoring of rock deformations. In addition the rock temperature and moisture are monitored atomatically.


Extensometer emplacement Photo by Posiva
Extensometer for monitoring of POPLU Experiment near field and forces caused by plug pressurisation. Photo: Posiva

The core drilling of POPLU monitoring boreholes is precise enough method to produce smooth holes. Work has been finished.

Drilling of monitoring boreholes
Core drilling of monitoring boreholes for POPLU Experiment. Photo: Posiva

The plans and current status was presented in a Poster at Euradwaste 2013 conference.
Print DOPAS Euradwaste poster POPLU 20131010 final (pdf) (1.8 MB)

The excavation of demonstration tunnels for POPLU Experiment starts in August 2013. These two tunnels will be excavated with drill and blast method with similar size and specifications which has been determined for Posiva deposition tunnels.


Please find a link to the Posiva site, were POPLU Experiment and DOPAS project are shortly presented.



The pilot holes for RSC work has been cored in the planned tunnel locations in January 2013. According to the preliminary rock suitability classification (Spring 2013) a proper place for plug can be found. The exact location will be confirmed after excavation of tunnels.