Clay Conference in Brussels in March 2015 has received around 5 abstracts related to the DOPAS Project. The more detailed prorgamme will be available in the end of the year 2014.

Clay conference 2015



The STFC’s Global Challenges Network, GeoRepNet (Geological Repository Network) and RATE (Radioactivity and the Environment, NERC) program will combine forces for a joint meeting on Geological Repositories in October 2014. DOPAS project is also represenrted  by VTT in a presentation related to the Reflections on the use of monitoring technologies in geological nuclear waste repositories.


 DAEF Key topics in deep geological disposal conference was organised in Köln September 2014. GRS did present DOPAS related activities in oral presentation.

DAEF Conference key aspects in deep geological disposal in Köln 2014


The DOPAS project has proposed 3 abstracts for IGD-TP Geodisposal Conference to be held in June in Manchester. Design basis and criteria development, DOMPLU and POPLU Experiments and Instrumentation for POPLU Experiment are topics for abstracts.Two oral presentations and one poster did represent DOPAS project.


IGD-TP Geodisposal 2014 Manchester

FSS Experiment and casting the SCC wall has been presented in Nuwcem in June 2014, Avignon


NUWCEM 2014 International Conference for cement based materials for Nuclear Waste

 POPLU concrete development was presented in Concrete Innovation Conference 2014 - CIC 2014 in Oslo with oral presentation heading "Low-pH concrete developed for tunnel end plugs used in nuclear waste containment"

Concrete Innovation Conference in Oslo 2014


The DOPAS project and the POPLU and DOMPLU Experiments will be presented in WMSYM in Phoenix, Arizona, during week 10.


Waste management symposia

“A General Overview of DOPAS Project and First Year Achievements for Full-scale Demonstration of Plugs and Seals” has been accepted as an oral presentation in PEBS final conference in Hannover in February 2014.

DOPAS project in oral presentation and POPLU, DOMPLU, FSS and EPSP experiment posters has been presented in Euradwaste 2013 conference in Vilnus October 2013.

FSS Experiment was presented in WMSYM 2013 Conference in Phoenix, USA in February 2013


DOPAS project and FSS experiment has been presented in Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement conference in Montpellier October 2012.