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Driving instructions to Olkiluoto

Posiva has offices at Eurajoki at Olkiluoto at ONKALO-construction site and at TVO's main office at Olkiluoto.

Driving instructions to Olkiluoto from Rauma and Pori

To get to Olkiluoto from Rauma, first take the road towards Pori (main road 8) and after about 7 kilometres you will see the sign 'Olkiluoto', turn left at the intersection.

If you are coming to Olkiluoto from Pori, take the road 8 towards Rauma and drive for about 40 kilometres and you will see the 'Olkiluoto' sign, turn right at the intersection.

Now drive for about 14 kilometres after which you will see an open gate you can just drive through. Depending on where in Olkiluoto you are going, either:

  • ONKALO area: Shortly after the gate turn right at the sign 'ONKALO' and again turn right to come to the gate of the ONKALO area
  • Visitor Centre: After about a kilometre from the gate turn left at the sign 'Olkiluoto Visitor Centre' and follow the road that leads you to the Olkiluoto Visitor Centre
  • Olkiluoto Main Office (Posiva Office): Keep going straight after driving through the gate for less than 2 kilometres to come to the main gate of Olkiluoto nuclear power plant area if you are coming to the Posiva office. You have to sign in at the main gate before you can drive to the office. You will get detailed driving instructions after signing in.

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