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ONKALO Research Gallery

The ONKALO Research Gallery presents the final disposal solution and the ongoing research activities conducted by Posiva Oy in ONKALO. The Underground Rock Characterisation Facility ONKALO is designed to verify the suitability of the bedrock in Olkiluoto for final disposal. Visitors will also learn about release barriers of radioactive substances, equipment and machinery engineered specifically for final disposal, as well as about the construction of underground facilities in the future.

The research niche in the operating waste repository at a depth of 60 metres gives a good idea of the dimensions of final disposal. The exhibition space was previously, before the construction of the Characterisation Facility ONKALO, used e.g. in research related to tunnel excavation and drilling of the deposition holes. These activities are still evidenced in the exhibition space by three final disposal holes and a final disposal tunnel of a few metres in length.

Research pertaining to the final disposal of low and medium-level waste is still carried out in the niche. At present, a joint research project of TVO and Fortum regarding the long-term durability of concrete is under way.

The ONKALO Research Gallery also introduces various job descriptions in the field of final disposal research. For example, visitors can test their rock survey skills as geologists, mathematical skills in the development of the copper canister, and measurements skills as chemists. Everybody also has the opportunity to try and feel the texture of bentonite clay and to use the pellet press to press a small souvenir bentonite pellet to take home with them.

The ONKALO Research Gallery is open to visitors by reservation as part of a guided group tour of Olkiluoto.

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