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Vuojoki mansion

Vuojoki Mansion has major cultural and historical significance in the Satakunta region and has found new life as

  • a conference, training and cultural centre
  • a popular visiting destination

The mansion is owned by the municipality of Eurajoki, and it has been leased to Posiva Oy since 1999. The lease agreement made major renovation work possible. In addition to the municipality of Eurajoki and Posiva Oy, funding was received from the Provincial State Office of Western Finland, with support from the EU.

Vuojoki Mansion

Vuojoki Mansion has long history

The estate's colourful history reaches back to the 16th century. The main building, designed in its current form by the renowned Finnish architect C.L. Engel, was built in the 1830s as the home of Captain Lars Magnus Björkenheim.

In the 19th century, Vuojoki Mansion was one of the largest estates in Finland, being comprised of 15,000 hectares of fields and forests during its peak period. Vuojoki had a strong impact on the development of Finnish agriculture and industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the utilisation of the estate's lands created the basis for the shipbuilding and sawmill industries in the Rauma region.

During the various stages of the renovation of the mansion in the 2000s, work was carried out on

  • the main building
  • the eastern and western annexes
  • the Orangerie, which is an architectural rarity and an experimental greenhouse for exotic plants.

Vuojoki Mansion for visitors

The mansion houses the facilities of Restaurant Wuojoki and the non-profit Vuojoki Foundation established for the purpose of developing the mansion's operations and conserving the cultural heritage of the Satakunta province.

You can visit the historical mansion milieu briefly or make a longer stay. The Restaurant Wuojoki, the picturesque hotel rooms of the Guesthouse and the Orangerie sauna lounge are well worth a visit. Themed tours take the visitor into the past, and the historical displays and art exhibitions as well as events organised for the public add to the attractions of the mansion.

The atmospheric auditorium and diverse conference and event facilities allow a wide variety of events to be organised in the breathtaking historical milieu.

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