Posiva reports

A Posiva report represents Posiva's view of the results and conclusions presented in the report. The reports are part of the backbone of Posiva's research work. A few dozen Posiva reports are published each year, mostly in English. In addition to an internal identification number, each Posiva report is given an ISBN number to make it easier to find the publication and process it in information systems. At the end of each Posiva report, there is a list of previously published Posiva reports.

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POSIVA Report 2017-1

Parametrisation of Fractures - Final Report

Siren, T., Hakala, M., Valli, J., Christiansson, R., Mas Ivars, D., Lam, T., Mattila, J., Suikkanen, J.

POSIVA Report 2016-20

In Situ Stress Measurements in ONKALO with LVDT - Cell

Hakala, M., Siren, T., Ström, J., Valli, J., Hakala, V., Heine, J., Sireni, S., Kemppainen, K., Savunen, J.

POSIVA Report 2016-17

The Greenland Analogue Project: Final Report

Kontula, A., Pitkänen, P., Claesson Liljedahl, L., Näslund, J.-O., Selroos, J.-O., Puigdomenech, I., Vidstrand, P., Harper, J., Hobbs, M., Hirschorn, S., Kennell, L., Follin, S., Jansson, P., Marcos, N., Ruskeeniemi, T., Tullborg, E.-L.

Yhteensä 251 hakutulosta

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