Workreport 2007-11



KBS-3H Design Description 2005


Autio, J.



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SKB and Posiva are performing an R&D program over the period of 2002-2007 with the overall aim to develop the KBS-3H to an alternative to the KBS-3V concept for disposal of spent nuclear fuel. A feasibility study of the KBS-3H concept was carried out in 2002, followed by the setting up of basic design in 2003. Several problems related to the behavior of the design and scope of future research and development work were addressed. Therefore the design basis was developed further and two candidate designs were developed: 1) previous Basic Design (BD) was developed more robust and tolerable to inflows. Parallel to that a novel modified 2) DAWE design with Drainage, Air evacuation and Watering and was developed to function robustly at various inflow situations. The candidate designs presented in this report include several novel components, such as fixing rings and steel plugs which have been designed without support of applicable design guidelines, regulations or standards available. The design basis and performance of these components include uncertainties, which should be studied and verified. It is possible that a feasible site specific design can be based on using both alternatives.


KBS-3H, horizontal emplacement, repository, nuclear waste


KBS-3H Design Description 2005 (pdf) (2.7 MB)


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