Workreport 1998-4



Tutkimusreikien TV-kuvaukset Romuvaarassa, Kivetyssä, Olkiluodossa ja Hästholmenilla 1997


Ossi Ikävalko



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Kivikonsultit Oy made videorecordings of percussion drilled boreholes at four investigation sites of Posiva Oy at Romuvaara, Kivetty, Olkiluoto and Hästholmen. The operatien was carried out using a borehole TV-camera with a mirror with a diameter of 50 mm (diameter ofborehole 56mm - 65 mm) and of 100 mm (diameter ofborehole 110 mm). The depth of the camera was read from a measuring tape lowered to the drillhole before the camera.

The fracture properties and rock type were analyzed from the video-tape. According to the aperture fractures were classified in four categories from probably sealed to fractures showing apertures in centimeters. The angle between fracture and borehole was classified as approximately perpendicular or oblique. The real dip and strike of some fractures were also measured using a compass in the TV-camera head. The results are summarized in diagrams.


TV-monitoring, borehole, fracturing, rocktype



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