Working reports

Posiva's working reports are used to publish research results related to the practical aspects of the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Approximately one hundred working reports are published every year, usually in Finnish or English. The reports are written by Posiva employees or specialists from third party organisations. The working reports are an important tool for distributing the results of research work. All working reports are published on the Posiva website.

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Workreport 2008-53

Investigation Plan for Infiltration Experiment in Olkiluoto

Pitkänen, P., Korkealaakso, J., Löfman, J., Keto, V., Lehtinen, A., Lindgren, S., Ikonen, A., Aaltonen, I., Koskinen, L., Ahokas, H., Ahokas, T. & Karvonen, T.

Workreport 2008-48

Eh and pH in Compacted MX-80 Bentonite

Muurinen, A. & Carlsson, T.

Workreport 2008-47

Mass Balances and Energy Flows, Reference Concept

Nordman, H. & Lehikoinen, J.

Workreport 2008-44

R20 Summary Report: The Groundwater Inflow Management in ONKALO - the Furure Strategy

Arenius, M., Hansen, J., Juhola, P., Karttunen, P., Koskinen, K., Lehtinen, A., Lyytinen, T., Mattila, J., Partamies, S., Pitkänen, P., Raivio, P., Sievänen, U., Vuorinen, U. & Vuorio, M.

Yhteensä 1514 hakutulosta

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