DOPAS 2016 Presentations

First seminar day 25.5.2016 Turku

Session 1

1.1 Opening of the DOPAS 2016 Seminar / Johanna Hansen, Posiva

1.2 Welcome from Posiva / Erkki Palonen, Posiva

1.3 Programme status in radioactive waste management and strategic evolution in support to R&D / Christophe Davies, European Commission

1.3 Programme status in radioactive waste management and strategic evolution in support to R&D, annex / Christophe Davies, European Commission

1.4 Role of demonstrations for a spent fuel repository concept / Erik Thurner, SKB International

1.5_Overview of DOPAS_project_Johanna Hansen (pdf) (1013.7 KB)

Session 2

2.1 Obejctives and main outcomes from the DOPAS full-scale demonstrators: FSS, EPSP, DOMPLU, POPLU and ELSA / DOPAS Experiment leaders in Panel

2.2 Design Basis of Plugs and Seals /Matt White, GSL

2.3 Progress on the design and implementation of plugs and seals in the DOPAS Project / Jean-Michel Bosgiraud, Andra

2.4 Performance assessment of plugs and seals / André Rübel, GRS GmbH

2.5 Application of lessons learned during the DOPAS Project to less advanced waste management programmes - Case study: Radioactive Waste Management Ltd / Dean Gentles, Radioactive Waste Management Limited

Session 3

3.1 Treatment of seals and sealing systems in total system performance assessment / Dan Galson, Galson Sciences Limited

3.2 Full-Scale tunnel and shaft seals: Tunnel Sealing Experment (TSX) and Enhanced Sealing Project (ESP) at the Underground Research Laboratory (URL) in Canada / D.A.Dixon, Golder Associates Ltd

3.3 The Gas-Permeable Seal Test in the Grimsel Test Site / Thomas Spillmann, Nagra

3.4 Experiences from an in situ test site for a sealing element in shafts and vertical excavations in rock salt / Monika Kreienmayer, DBE

3.5 Development of a UK approach to sealing deep site investigation boreholes: knowledge transfer from other industries / Nick Jefferies, Amec Foster Wheeler

3.6 Posiva plans and experiences for borehole closure / Taina Karvonen, Saanio & Riekkola Oy

3.7 Conceptual Sealing Strategy and Initial Performance Assessment for the Chandler Storage and Isolation Facility / Steve Reece, Tellus Holdings

Second seminar day 26.5.2016 Turku

Session 4

4.1 Initial plug and seal design for the Dutch repository concept / Yajun Li, Geo-Engineering Section, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

4.2 Development and Performance of Various Low-pH Cementitious Materials for Tunnel End Plugs in Geological Disposal Demonstrations / Erika Holt, VTT

4,3 Experiment transposition from laboratory tests to full-scale emplacement reality (DOPAS Project) / Regis Foin, ANDRA

4.4 Preparations before experiments - production for plug locations for DOMPLU and POPLU (DOPAS Project) Sanna Mustonen, Posiva

4.5 DOMPLU - filter and seal design, construction and results / Mattias Åkesson, Clay Technology

4.6 Bentonite based materials for the Full-  Scale Emplacement (FE) experiment: Design and production steps / Hanspeter Weber, NAGRA

4.7 Horizontal bentonite backfilling and concrete plug for the Full-Scale Emplacement (FE) Experiment at the Mont Terri URL: requirements, design, instrumentation and emplacement / Benoit Garitte, NAGRA

4.8 CH/HM coupled behaviour of shaft sealing materials / Oliver Czaikowski, GRS

4.9 Performance of Czech Bentonite Material in the Plug in Geological Disposal Demonstrations / Večerník Petr, ÚJV Řež,

Session 5

5.1 Instrumentation and monitoring systems for evaluation of plug responses in geological disposal demonstrations / Edgar Bohner

5.2 REM (Resaturation at Metric Scale): Preliminary hydraulic simulation / Antoine Pasteau, ANDRA

5.3 Integration of Demonstrator Activities in Performance Assessment: Analysis of Processes and Indicators / Jaap Haart, NRG

5.4 Quantitative vs. Qualitative Performance Assessment of Closure / Heini Reijonen, Saanio and Riekkola

5.5 Towards Robust Models of Well Seals and Plugs in CO2 Storage Sites / Richard Metcalfe, Quintessa

Session 6


6.2 Regulatory point of view on the demonstration of the feasibility of plugs and seals for final repository of radioactive nuclear waste / Pekka Välikangas, STUK

6.3 DOPAS Q&A - Experimental Panel / Erika Holt, VTT

6.3 Current status of repository plugging and sealing and remaining technical and operational issues / Matt White, GSL

6.3 DOPAS PROJECT Experiences and lessons learned 2012- 2016 / Johanna Hansen, Posiva


Third seminar day 27.5.2016 Olkiluoto

Johanna Hansen_DOPAS 2016 Posiva and ONKALO 2016_final (pdf) (7.2 MB)

Petri Koho_POPLU Experiment_DOPAS Seminar 2016_Olkiluoto 2016-05-27 (pdf) (12.4 MB)

Paula_Kosunen_Rock Suitability Classification for POPLU_DOPAS_27052016_ver2 (pdf) (3.8 MB)

Anne Niemi_DOPAS 2016_Olkiluoto Site (pdf) (8.9 MB)