The Seminar programme was a good combination of geology, engineering, chemistry, modelling, concrete, bentonite, experiences and lessons learned.

DOPAS 2016 Programme 25052016 (pdf) (600.3 KB)

Extended abstracts

2.2_White et al - Design Basis of Plugs and Seals (pdf) (534.3 KB)

2.4_Ruebel_DOPAS_2016_extended_abstract (pdf) (341 KB)

2.5_Dean Gentles_Application of Lessons Learned for Less Advanced Programmes During the DOPAS Project Extended Abstract (pdf) (356.5 KB)

3.1_Galson_DOPAS_2016_Extended_abstract_TSPA for Seals V1 (pdf) (252.2 KB)

3.2_Dixon_DOPAS 2016 TSX_ESP_Extended Abstr_29032016 (pdf) (675.1 KB)

3.3_Thomas Spillmann_GAST DOPAS2016 extended abstract final (pdf) (373.3 KB)

3.4_Monika_Kreienmeyer_extended-abstract-dopas DBE 01 (pdf) (669.9 KB)

3.5_Nick_Jeffries_DOPAS_2016_extended_abstract_sealing_boreholes_FINAL_040416 (pdf) (167.9 KB)

3.6_DOPAS_2016_Borehole closure_KTAI-EJOH (pdf) (93.9 KB)

3.7_Reece_Case study Chandler storage (pdf) (13.4 KB)

4.1_Yajun Li _Vardon et al DOPAS 2016 Extended abstract (pdf) (549.6 KB)

4.2_Holt_lowPH-Concrete_v2 paper (pdf) (330.3 KB)

4.3_Foin_FSS_Extended abstract DOPAS_RF et al_final (pdf) (451.4 KB)

4.5_Åkesson_Grahm_Domplu_18_April (pdf) (398.9 KB)

4.6_Weber_DOPAS_2016_Extended Abstract_GBM_Gab_Web_final_11May15 (pdf) (518.9 KB)

4.7_Garitte_DOPAS_2016_ExtendedAbstrac_emplacement_final (pdf) (521.3 KB)

4.8_Oliver_Czaikowski_extended_abstract_DOPAS_2016_GRS_160426 (pdf) (137.3 KB)

4.9_Petr Vezernik Extended abstract bentoniteEPSP (pdf) (593 KB)

5.1 - Bohner_Paper_MonitoringOverview_v2 (pdf) (354.1 KB)

5.2_Antoine Pastoine DOPAS 2016 REM_Hydraulic-Modelling_Extended-abstract (pdf) (456.7 KB)

5.3_Hart_DOPAS_2016_Extended Abstract_NRG final (pdf) (651.5 KB)

5.4_Reijonen_Extended Abstract_ et al DOPAS 2016 (pdf) (215.7 KB)

5.5_Metcalfe_QT-DOPAS-Model_WellSeals_ in_CO2_Storage_Sites(v1.0a_150416) (pdf) (699.6 KB)

6.1_DOPAS2016-Session6-Palmu_Vasicek (pdf) (845.9 KB)


The Extended abstracts related to the Posters can be seen by clicking the name of the poster.



Full-Scale Demonstration Of Plugs And Seals DOPAS

Johanna Hansen

Posiva Oy, Finland

Design Basis of Plugs and Seals: The DOPAS Design Basis Workflow

Matt White1, Slimane Doudou1

1Galson Sciences Limited, United Kingdom

Next five years plan of R&D activities and current status of Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory

Shin-ichro Mikake1, Teruki Iwatsuki1, Hiroya Matsui1 and Eiji Sasao1

1Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan

Full-Scale Emplacement (FE) experiment at the Mont Terri URL/ LUCOEX

Production of bentonite based backfill materials

Benoit Garitte1, Hanspeter Weber1

1National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra), Switzerland

Investigation of chemical-hydraulic behaviour of cement based sealing materials in rock salt

(DOPAS Project)

Kyra Jantschik1, Helge C. Moog1

1Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) GmbH, Germany

Investigation of hydro-mechanical behaviour of cement based sealing materials in rock salt

(DOPAS Project)

Oliver Czaikowski1, Klaus Wieczorek1

1Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Germany

Hydro-mechanical behaviour of claystone-bentonite-mixture as sealing material (DOPAS Project)

Chun-Liang Zhang1, Michael Kröhn1

1Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Germany

Outcomes of FSS, the Full Scale Seal Industrial Prototype for the Cigéo project (DOPAS Project)


Xavier Bourbon, Jean-Michel Bosgiraud1, Régis Foin1, Gilles Armand1

1Andra, France

REM (Resaturation Test at Metric Scale) setup and first results (DOPAS Project)

Nathalie Conil1 Jean Talandier1,  Gilles Armand1

1Andra, France

DOPAS EPSP Experiment (DOPAS Project)


Svoboda Jiří1, Vašíček Radek1, Markéta Dvořáková2, Václava Havlová3

1CTU, Czech Republic

2SÚRAO (Radioactive Waste Repository Authority), Czech Republic

3ÚJV Řež, Czech Republic

The Experimental Pressure and Sealing Plug (EPSP) – Improvement of the geotechnical properties of the rock mass (DOPAS Project)


Markéta Dvořáková1, Irena Hanusová1, Lucie Bělíčková1

1SÚRAO (Radioactive Waste Repository Authority), Czech Republic

Physical interaction model and EPSP materials characterisation (DOPAS Project)

Petr Večerník1*, Jenny Gondolli1, Dagmar Trpkošová1, Václava Havlová1

1ÚJV Řež, Czech Republic

The laboratory models for EPSP experiment in DOPAS project - the saturation of bentonite pellets and bentonite powder (DOPAS Project)

Dagmar Trpkošová1, Petr Večerník1, Jenny Gondolli1, Václava Havlová1

1ÚJV Řež, Czech Republic

Experimental pressure and sealing plug (EPSP) Experiment Monitoring (DOPAS Project)

Svoboda Jiří1, Vašíček Radek1, Šťástka Jiří1, Smutek Jan1

1CTU, Czech Republic

Full-scale test of Dome plug (DOMPLU) (DOPAS Project)


Pär Grahm1, Mattias Åkesson2

1 Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co, Sweden

2 Clay Technology AB, Sweden

POPLU Requirements, Design and Construction (DOPAS Project)

Petri Koho, Petri Korkeakoski

Posiva, Finland

Concrete recipe for POPLU (DOPAS Project)

Markku Leivo,

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Oy Finland

POPLU instrumentation (DOPAS Project)

Edgar Bohner,

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Oy, Finland

POPLU Pressure testing and Performance (DOPAS Project)


Petri Korkeakoski1, Petri Koho1, Kimmo Kemppainen1, Antti-Jussi Kylliäinen1

1Posiva Oy, Finland

Testing grouting and shotcrete materials

Paula Raivio,

Contesta, Finland

Hydraulic Sealing Ability of Bentonite Pellet Filling at Small, Contact Apertures

Jari Martikainen1, Tim Schatz1, Kari Koskinen

1B+tech, Finland

2Posiva Oy, Finland

KBS-3V emplacement tests in ONKALO

Keijo Haapala

Posiva Oy, Finland

Testing the influence of bentonite sealing property for safety of deep geological repository

Dagmar Trpkošová1*, Petr Večerník1, Jenny Gondolli1, Václava Havlová1

1ÚJV Řež, CZ

Development of shaft sealing systems for HLW repositories in Germany

Michael Jobmann1, Philipp Herold1, Matthias Gruner2, Wolfram Kudla2

1DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, Germany 2Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Compliance Assessment for plugs and seals in Germany

Michael Jobmann1, Philippe Herold1


Reactive transport modelling of bentonite shaft seals under hypersaline conditions


James Wilson1, Steven Benbow2, Richard Metcalfe2, Helen Leung3

1Quintessa Limited, UK

2Quintessa Limited, UK

3Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada

Laboratory and numerical investigation of the hydro-mechanical response of the Cobourg limestone

G. Su1, S. Nguyen1, Z. Li1, M.H.B. Nasseri2, R.P. Young2

1Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Canada

2University of Toronto, Canada

A challenging environment for plug design: how can we seal a low permeability fault core in granite?

Kálmán Benedek1, Péter Molnár1, József Berta1
1PURAM, Hungary