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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's European Atomic Energy Community's (Euratom) Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement no 323273, the DOPAS project.

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07.07.2015 13:23

POPLU staff Exchange

As part of the DOPAS integration the POPLU staff exchange provide useful information both for visitors and hosts

DOPAS Experiments were open for staff exchange within organisations participating to the DOPAS project. Latest staff exchange was organised by POPLU experiment and there was a possibility to visit the POPLU site during installation of instrumentation and preparation of the heavy concrete cast. Four visitors from different organisations (GSL, CTU and SKB) with different backgrounds took the chance to travel to Olkiluoto for a week to be on site and see the construction and installation activities.

The expectations of the visit were related to the requirements management in a future underground repository;  practical aspects of implementing full scale experiments  and instrumentation; conditions and challenges when working underground. The visitors were truly satisfied and they were able to see even more than they expected. It was obvious that an implementation of a full scale experiment does require a good coordination between implementer and subcontractors and with other ongoing underground experiments and works. It was also good to understand the reasoning behind the strict requirements related to the use of stray materials  and conditions in the crystalline bedrock.


POPLU staff exchange rebar
POPLU staff exchange visitors inside POPLU's dense rebaring. The rebaring which is ready for casting also offers a possibility to safely emplace instrumentation. Photo: Petri Koho, Posiva

POPLU staff exchange rauma2
Visitors and POPLU Experiment leader Petri Koho had also a possibility to see the Old Rauma after working hours. Photo: Marjatta Palmu, Posiva


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