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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's European Atomic Energy Community's (Euratom) Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement no 323273, the DOPAS project.

Experiment 4. POPLU

POPLU deposition tunnel end plug experiment will be implemented in ONKALO demonstration area at the planned disposal depth within POPLU project jointly by Posiva and SKB.

  • Planning and design 2012-2013.

  • Construction and implementation 2013-2014.

  • Testing activities 2014-2015.

  • Reinforced low pH concrete is the main component in the wedge plug. The plug structure is a composite plug and a modified backfill section is needed behind the plug for experimental purposes. Length of the plug is 6 meters and the diameter is 5,5 meter.

  • POPLU and DOMPLU will be evaluated together.

POPLU Demo4-tulppa-5
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This Poster can be seen at POPLU site after excavations are ready and informs visitors about Experiment details.