DOPAS Training Workshop 2015 (DOPAS TWS 2015)

Training materials for downloading

Please find the following DOPAS training materials for download in pdf -format by clicking on the relevant document link. The conditions for the use of the DOPAS training materials can be downloaded from conditions for use. Exceptions to these conditions are stated in the individual materials.

For some materials, both prior the exercise and post-exercise versions exist. For materials including animation, the animation slides are included in powerpoint version, too.

The materials are included in the order of their presentation in the training workshop that was carried out during 14-18 September 2015. Some materials include minor updates from the original training materials.

More detailed information is provided in the DOPAS deliverable D7.2 on the DOPAS deliverables page and in the DOPAS Training Workshop Plan and in DOPAS TWS Planning document (List of contents).

Materials for DAY1, DAY2, DAY3, DAY4 and DAY5.

DAY1 (presentations in the order of presenting them)

Day ID #
File Content
D1 5.1.1/D1 5.1.2Welcome and Introduction to Programme and Presentation of CTU
D1 5.2.1DOPAS Project: General presentation
D1 5.2.2 About Posiva General presentation © Posiva Oy
D1 1.1.1aAndra General presentation ©Andra
D1 1.1.1bThe role of plugs and seals in clay (Andra)
D1 1.1.2
Purpose of plugs and seals in crystalline rock (SKB)
D1 1.2.2
DOPAS Requirements Management (Posiva)
D1 1.2.3
Design basis development work flow for plugs and seals (SKB)
D1 1.3.1
Case example of EPSP Experiment (SURAO)
D1 1.3.2pre
Scoping the DOMPLU Experiment - pre-exercise (incl. Exercise 1, SKB)
D1 1.3.2post
Scoping the DOMPLU Experiment - post-exercise (SKB)
D1 0
List of abbreviations (Posiva)

DAY2 (presentations in the order of presenting them)

Day ID #
File Content
D2 6.2a
Introduction to Josef © CTU
D2 6.2b
Josef Geology © CTU
D2 6.2c
The EPSP Experiment in Josef (CTU)
D2 6.4
General introduction to exercises (CTU and Posiva)
D2 2.1
Theoretical basis to Andra's safety assessment process and case from the iteration cycle of Andra's demonstration programme (one presentation including both 2.1.1 and 2.1.2) (Andra)
D2 2.1Anim
Andra animation to the 2.1 SA lecture about PARS (.ppsx)
D2 2.2
The role of instrumentation and monitoring in an experiment (CTU)
D2 2.2.1
Exercise 2 - monitoring

DAY3 (presentations in the order of presenting them)

Day ID #
File Content
D3 0
UJV General presentation ©UJV
D3 3.1.1
Andra's scientific programme today and its next stage (Andra)
D3 3.1.2
Plugs as a part of demonstration programmes in Nordic countries (Posiva)
D3 3.2.1
Use of individual tests - Case REM metric test (Andra)
The role of pH in the Czech plug system (UJV)
D3 3.2.3 + 3.2.5
Exercise 3 - uni-axial stress testing and Exercise 4 - pH influence on material mixtures (UJV)
D3 7.1
Czech siting programme (SURAO)
D3 7.2
Public involvement (SURAO)
D3 8DOPAS movie night reflection and discussion questions (Posiva)

DAY4 (presentations in the order of presenting them)

Day ID #
File Content
D4 3.3
Integration experimental work and process modelling in safety assessment (GRS)
D4 3.3Anim
Integration of Experimental Work and Safety Assessment(.ppsx)
D4 4.1.1
Risk management for large-scale experiments and work underground (SKB)
D4 4.1.1Anim
Risk management for large-scale experiments in underground (.ppsx)
D4 4.1.2
Case example of POPLU experiment (Posiva)
D4 4.1.3
Exercise 5 - Risks (SKB)
D4 4.1.4
Feasibility of a seal in a clay rich host environment (Andra)

DAY5 (presentations in the order of presenting them)

Day ID #
File Content
D5 4.3.2Preparing for ELSA experiment (GRS)
D5 4.3.1
How the lessons learned can be applied to less advanced programmes? (RWM)
D5 11
Feedback form (Posiva)

For detailed planning documentation of the DOPAS Training Workshop, please visit DOPAS Project Deliverable D7.2 available on the deliverables page.