Final disposal

Required Permissions and Procedures

Under the Nuclear Energy Act, three separate decisions are required before any spent nuclear fuel can be disposed of: the decision-in-pronciple, the construction licence and the operating licence.

An environmental impact assessment procedure was carried out for the application for a decision-in-principle on the repository. The environmental impact assessment was enclosed with the application for a decision-in-principle , which the Parliament then ratified.  Posiva applied for the construction licence in 2012. The licence was granted in November 2015. The application for an operating licence shall be submitted to the Government at a later date.

Furthermore, a number of other licences are also required:
  • Construction licence from the municipal authorities and land use planning: Construction of the necessary infrastructure for the final disposal requires a construction licence approved by the municipality of Eurajoki. The required plans are the regional plan, the master plan, and the building or town plan.
  • Environmental permit, environmental programmes and plans: An environmental permit is required for the project. The national conservation programmes associated with the conservation of nature, landscapes and cultural environments (such as Natura 2000) and the Government decisions must also be considered.
  • Other permits: The transportation of any radioactive substances requires a licence from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. Construction of power lines requires licences under the Redemption Act and, possibly, the Electricity Market Act. Construction of public roads requires a validation decision under the Highway Act.

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