26.02.2016 12:07

DOPAS 2016 seminar in Turku, Finland, May 2016

Results of European-wide cooperation on plugging and sealing technology will be presented in DOPAS 2016 seminar in Turku, Finland, May 2016.

Fourteen nuclear waste management organisations and research institutes from eight European countries are participating in a technology development project for testing plugging and sealing systems for geological disposal facilities for radioactive waste - the DOPAS project ("Full-Scale Demonstration Of Plugs And Seals").

The project is built around a set of full-scale underground demonstrations, laboratory experiments, and performance assessment studies. The project budget is €15.7 million, and is jointly funded by the Euratom's Seventh Framework Programme (€8.7 million) and European nuclear waste management organisations.

The project is running in the period September 2012 – August 2016, and is being coordinated by Posiva Oy.  The main results, experiences from implementation of demonstrators  and  lessons learned will be presented in a scientific DOPAS 2016 seminar, which will be arranged in Turku, Finland May 2016.

More information available at DOPAS 2016 seminar home page


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