14.05.2020 16:34

Everyday work in Olkiluoto – Project Manager Barbara Pastina is getting accustomed to new daily life in Helsinki

Barbara Pastina, who works in Posiva's Helsinki offices as a Project Manager, says that the normally hectic capital has slowed down considerably and no queueing is required even at the coffee point in the office.


Taking the new pace of life in her stride with a positive outlook, Ms. Pastina  assesses every day if it is necessary for her to travel to the offices in the Kuparitalo office building. Only a few people work there aside from her. She commutes to work by train, following safety instructions diligently. Often she finds herself the only passenger also on the train. However, the contrast to how things used to be is not that great, as Ms. Pastina works in a team of experts who are used to virtual meetings any way. Despite the less frequent physical get-togethers, contacts with colleagues, friends and family members have even increased in some cases. The old way of life and habits seem very far away, however.

– I wonder if we'll ever shake hands again; at the moment that mundane practice appears a very high-risk habit, Ms. Pastina ponders.

Ms. Pastina has been surprised by how efficient and smooth working has been separate from her colleagues. She quickly became accustomed to new work practices, adapting to them without much thought. She has found technical connections to work without fail despite the high usage volumes and communication has been problem-free.

It is important to adhere to common rules and Ms. Pastina gives credit to the way TVO Group has handled the pandemic crisis. She wishes to remind that the most important thing is to protect health. A responsible and positive attitude will go a long way for us all.

– Good guidelines and clear rules ensure that we do not later have to think back whether we have done everything we can to stop the spread of the pandemic. Look after yourself and others, wash your hands and follow instructions! I promise that when we can meet face-to-face again, I will bake a cake for my colleagues.


Text: Natalie Kylliäinen

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