19.07.2011 13:43

ONKALO excavation continues through new contract signed by Destia and Posiva

The excavation of the ONKALO access tunnel, launched in 2004, was completed in June. Since spring 2010, Destia has been responsible for the ONKALO excavation contract, and Posiva has agreed on continuing the excavation with Destia. The new excavation contract covers the construction of rock facilities at ONKALO's technical level at the depth of 438 metres, for example.

"Continuing the excavation is pivotal for the success of the entire project in regard to 2020," said Erkki Palonen, Construction Director of Posiva, once the representatives of Destia and Posiva had signed the contract. Posiva intends to begin the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in 2020.

"TU5, the previous contract implemented with Destia, indicated such a good performance that we found it suitable to continue the cooperation," says Palonen.

The contract is valid until May 2012 and the goal is to complete the excavation in March 2012. The objective is to simultaneously carry out surveying and excavation.

The contract, signed at the Vuojoki manor in Eurajoki on 13 July, means that the excavation workers of Destia will directly move on to the next contractual project.

"Work will start soon. It is a challenging task," says Pekka Syrén, Project Manager, Destia. "In fact, the work will commence immediately with the contract signed." The work will involve 30 Destia employees and about 15 subcontractors.

The excavation in the new tunnel project will continue at the technical level of ONKALO at a depth of 438 metres. Hall facilities, a tunnel connection for the exhaust air duct, and a tunnel to the pumping station facilities, for example, will be built there.

Approximately 250,000 cubic metres of rock has been removed from ONKALO so far. An additional 50,000 cubic metres will be excavated in the new contract.

Destian ja Posivan sopimuksen allekirj 130711-010
People around the table, starting from the left: Vesa Ruuska, Destia's Safety Manager, Pekka Syrén, Destia's Project Manager, and Erkki Palonen, Destia's Construction Director. Behind them is Lauri Piitari, Posiva's Building Development Manager.

onkalon ajotunneli
ONKALO access tunnel was completed in 2011

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