27.03.2009 08:48

Onkalo shafts reach a depth of 290 metres

The drilling of the inlet air shaft for ONKALO started after the turn of the year. The raise boring of the centre section of the shaft, from -90 to -180 m, is about to start on week 14; the bottom-most and the top-most sections have already been completed. The complete inlet air shaft down to a depth of 290 metres is expected to be ready by the end of April.

- After the drilling operations have been completed, investigations will start in the shafts to obtain information about the need for grouting and how to implement it in the next shaft sections, says Construction Supervisor Kimmo Lehtola.

ONKALOkaavio kuilutmaaliskuu 2009 englanti
The red colour in the Figure shows the progress of excavation and drilling works.

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