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Visitors can study the geology at Olkiluoto on a path at the Visitor Centre

An observation path on the grounds of the Olkiluoto Visitor Centre was opened for the general public in June. The around one-kilometre path that is easy to walk travels at the seashore and in the forest. "A great destination for large and small hikers alike," says Posiva's geologist Jyrki Liimatainen.

Mother Nature offered its best when visitors studied Olkiluoto's new observation path: the sun was shining and the temperature was around 25 degrees centigrade on Opening morning. "Observers" of varying ages had come to learn more about the nature at Olkiluoto and the systematic environmental survey measures that take place here. 


voimaa luonnosta meri web
The Observation Path leads from the sea to the forest

Geologist Jyrki Liimatainen of Posiva had to answer a variety of questions. "People were interested in the bedrock at Olkiluoto and many also asked how deep our ONKALO facility is," Jyrki says. "There are guide signs along the path providing more information about geology and other environmental issues."


kairasydannaytteet web
The research of Olkiluoto bedrock can also be studied along the Observation Path

Special programme was arranged at the Visitor Centre on the opening day of the observation path. The children attending the event were especially interested in the signal crayfish, sturgeons, perches and lavarets raised at Olkiluoto. The peculiarly oblong sturgeons with their whiskers amused the people watching the inhabitants of the aquarium. Children were also able to make their own paperweights by painting rocks. The little older visitors were taught how to gut a fish and given recipes to try out during the summer.


IMG 0043
The warm cooling water of Olkiluoto power plants is utilised to grow sturgeons.

The Observation Path is a good destination for hikers

There are several guide signs about the local birdlife, flora, fauna, environmental surveying, the bedrock and drilling along the observation path close to the Visitor Centre. The around one-kilometre path travels at the seashore close to a protected Natura area.


Iso ja pieni geologi web suuri2
A geologist of the future studying rock samples with geologist Jyrki Liimatainen.

Coming to see the new observation path is really worth your while: according to geologist Jyrki Liimatainen, you can see wonderful seascape scenery there. "There are not many places along the Finnish coastline where you can get right up to the seashore, but here you can move about and admire the great scenery." The route is also short enough to trek even with small children. "The Olkiluoto observation path is a great way to study the seaside nature and geology," says Jyrki, whose hobbies include hiking in the wild.


Visitors can trek the path in the summertime when the Visitor Centre is open. During the Summer the Visitor Centre is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.


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