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23.10.2014 09:00

Janne Mokka appointed President of Posiva

The Board of Directors of Posiva Oy has appointed Mr. Janne Mokka President of the Company as of 1 December 2014. Mr. Mokka transfers to his new position from the task of Senior Vice President, OL4 Project, at Teollisuuden Voima (TVO).

As a company jointly owned by TVO and Fortum, Posiva, based in Olkiluoto, Finland, is in charge of the planning and building of a final disposal solution for the spent fuel generated at the Olkiluoto and Loviisa nuclear power plants. Posiva's current President, Mr. Reijo Sundell will retire during 2015, but until then he stays at Posiva in the role of a Senior Adviser providing support to the new President.

- The work carried out at Posiva for the development of sustainable nuclear waste management is unique. Posiva's efforts have produced the furthest developed, most advanced solution for the final disposal of spent fuel, explains Chairman of Posiva's Board, Mr. Jarmo Tanhua.

- Reijo Sundell has worked with determination to promote Posiva's project. The research and development project launched already in 1970s has during his term as President progressed to the licensing stage, and the research facility ONKALO has been completed. The construction licence application for the actual final disposal repository is currently under review by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Mr. Janne Mokka has been in charge of taking a nuclear power plant venture towards its implementation project and has thus gained good experience enabling him to lead Posiva from a research project to an implementation project, concludes Mr. Tanhua.

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