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14.06.2016 10:00

Posiva Solutions launches operations

Posiva Solutions Oy is a subsidiary established by Posiva Oy and focuses on the service business.

Mr. Mika Pohjonen has been appointed Managing Director of Posiva Solutions Oy. The Board of Directors of the new company is chaired by the President of Posiva Oy, Mr. Janne Mokka.

The solution developed for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel based on Posiva's investments in research and development over several decades has attracted wide international interest.

Posiva Solutions will focus on the marketing of the knowhow accumulated from design, research and development efforts in the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, as well as on associated consulting services. Posiva Solutions provides its customers with tailored expert services related to final disposal in collaboration with an extensive network of sub-suppliers and cooperation partners.

- Posiva Solutions can offer complete solution models and overall services, based on local conditions, for companies planning to engage in nuclear waste management operations. Solutions for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel are being investigated and designed in several countries, which means now is a good moment to start this service business, says Managing Director Mika Pohjonen.

- We have unique knowhow based on multi-disciplinary research. Clients can take advantage of our expertise and long-standing experience to execute their final disposal projects safely, faster and more cost efficiently, Mr. Pohjonen continues.

For more information, please contact:
Mika Pohjonen, Managing Director, Posiva Solutions Oy, tel. +358 2 40 525 1417
Janne Mokka, President, Posiva Oy, tel. +358 2 8372 3800.

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