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29.04.2020 12:46

Posiva's Annual Report 2019 is published

We have a solution to final disposal of spent fuel. Posiva is now global leader of final disposal.

In 2019, Posiva’s final disposal project proceeded to a new stage when the Board of Directors of the Company took a decision on the construction of the encapsulation plant and the underground final disposal repository for spent fuel. Work progressed to plan and the foundation stone of the encapsulation plant was laid in a grand ceremony in the autumn of 2019.

 - In EKA project we will construct and deploy the encapsulation plant, build up a small-scale town in the previously excavated facilities, carry out excavations of the first deposition tunnels, set up the supply chains of the canisters and the bentonite clay, and start final disposal activities in one tunnel, CEO Janne Mokka says.

Posiva collaborates with many important parties in relation to the final disposal solution: Finnish Government, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment,  the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) and the Municipality

of Eurajoki. The role played by Posiva in the final disposal solution covers the safe, industrial concept, the site which is suitable for final disposal, and the construction and operation of the encapsulation plant and the final disposal repository. Posiva’s experts have worked for four decades for this. The work has involved extensive cooperation with various operators on national and international level, as well as plenty of physical efforts resulting in the excavation of research and final disposal facility ONKALO® in Olkiluoto during the past 15 years.

For further information, please read Posiva_Annual_Report_2019 (pdf) (2.8 MB)

For further information, please contact:
Sini Gahmberg, Communications Manager, Tel. +358 50 472 9413.

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