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Posiva provides traineeship positions on the fields of natural sciences and technical studies. Next application period is in January and February 2020. The working language is Finnish.

While studies merely scrape the surface, Posiva digs in deep

"It was clear that I wanted to come back to Posiva for a summer job," says Ilkka Vaarula, who worked as a research assistant at Posiva for the second summer in row.

Vaarula web
Ilkka Vaarula
Vaarula's summer was spent performing various field work duties including biosphere research and research equipment installation.

"Studies have only scraped the surface of many issues. Working at Posiva has often given me a more in-depth look into many questions," says Vaarula.

Vaarula, a 22-year old from Rauma, is a third-year student of environmental technology at a degree programme conducted in English at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. He found Posiva's summer job range in the Internet in 2012 and decided to apply.

"As a company, Posiva seemed different than many others. You couldn't find similar work anywhere else in Finland. I knew in advance what Posiva does and why all the work had to be done carefully."

A lot to talk about at the coffee table

Two summers at Posiva have taught Vaarula to work carefully, with precision and calm, and to avoid rash decisions.
"It is actually incredible how varied and exact planning final disposal is. I was surprised by the amount of research that goes into it."

Vaarula says that he has enjoyed his summer job. Posiva's diverse group of experts ensured a great working atmosphere and made for interesting coffee table discussions.

"Posiva is full of top experts in their fields, but when you talk to them, you notice that they are not only interested in one thing. It was fun to come to work every morning."

During the past summer, Vaarula was given interesting duties with a great deal of responsibility. For example, he had the opportunity to give a presentation to professional of atomic power industry on research conducted in Olkiluoto bore holes at a course organised by the University of Oxford.

Summer job corresponded fully with education

Hardly any summer employees complain if their summer job corresponds with their education. Noora Koittola, a fifth year student of Geology at the University of Turku, has been employed in exactly her field for the past two summers at Posiva.

Koittola web
Noora Koittola
The 23-year-old Koittola has performed bore core logs, in other words, mapping of fractures, rock types and weakness zones, as well as strength classification. She also studied the characteristics of dislocation and movement surfaces. Her duties last summer also included working on rock mechanics, geological modelling, charting of revealed bedrock and research underground.

"My duties corresponded fully with my educational background, which really is not a given in summer work. I had the chance to do practical work on the things I have studied in Turku. And on top of that, I learned many new things," says Koittola.

You can always turn to a colleague

Koittola says that she knew what kind of workplace she was coming to when she was chosen as a summer employee in 2012.

"At Posiva, I have had the opportunity to talk with experts from various fields. You can always turn to a colleague and ask, if you have any problems and you will always get help regardless of their job description."

According to Koittola, a discursive and helpful way of working is emphasized at Posiva. The open working community has given the future geologist an understanding on how various aspects of final disposal are linked with each other.

Koittola, who is currently based in Turku but originally from Nakkila, spent the summer in Rauma. The summer taught her a great deal about working life requirements and everyday life.

"The summer job has strengthened my view that I am in the right field. This is my thing."

If it is up to Koittola, her second summer job stint at Posiva, which ended in August, will not be the last.

Learning and teaching at a summer job

Mikko Kesälä, who worked for the summer at Posiva, learnt many new things in his field. At the same time, he had the chance to share his knowledge among other Posiva employees.

Kesälä web
Mikko Kesälä
Kesälä, who is 23 years of age, worked in documentation in the biosphere team and processed map materials using geographic information software.

"I formatted map materials into a format suitable for research. For example, sea chart information was required for planning the taking of samples from the sea. Some of the materials needed for the map lacked the correct location information or coordinate system. The materials needed to be processed so that the geographic information would be placed in exactly the right place in the software."

Kesälä, originally from Muhos, is a fourth-year student of geography at the University of Oulu. During his studies, he has practised using geographic information software.

"I got to teach the use of the software to others at Posiva," says Kesälä about the challenges in his summer job.

Last summer was the first for Kesälä as a Posiva employee. He found himself at Olkiluoto after having seen Positiva's job advertisement and decided to take it up.

"I was looking for possible summer jobs all over Finland. Posiva could offer me a job in my own field. All I knew of the company was what it does. The work was largely what I expected it to be."

Kesälä said that he read a great deal of literature in his own field during the summer and learned a lot from it. Likewise, he learned a lot from the practical work.

I would like to come back next summer

Kesälä says that he enjoyed his time at an expert organisation like Posiva with experts in various different fields.

"The working atmosphere was good. It was interesting to listen to people from many different fields. At Posiva, planning and care were emphasised. Olkiluoto's strict security measures were also exceptional.

With regard to the actual final disposal, interesting questions related to my own field were also raised, such as how the environment is going to change in the coming years due to land uplift.

"Coming back to work at Posiva next summer would be a good option," says Kesälä with his sights past the coming winter.

"What do you know! I can speak English"

At school, you get taught how to speak and write English but many people remain uncertain of their skills. When you are put on the spot at the summer job, you may realise that you knew more than you may have imagined.

Kantonen web
Kati Kantonen
"I've gained a lot self-confidence in talking to strangers and using English. Now I'm quite capable of conducting bus tours in Olkiluoto and meeting people at trade fairs," says Kati Kantonen, who has just finished her third summer job period at Posiva communications.

Kantonen, who is studying for a BA in Culture and Arts at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori, considers the work experience she has received at Posiva as a golden opportunity, since not all students of communications find summer jobs in their own field.

"It has also been interesting to have been able to work in international communications. I have found out that I really can speak English."

Kantonen, a 24-year-old from Rauma, has worked at image editing, maintaining a picture archive, updating a website, writing articles, organising visits as well as drawing up distribution lists for Posiva reports and ensuring the distribution.

"Posiva offers interesting duties typical of an international company. We do not just try, we succeed in what we do. There is a lot of responsibility to be had if you want it," says Kantonen.

After the summer job, Kantonen may have a change to continue working part-time at Posiva communications alongside her studies. She already finished the job placement, which is part of her studies, at Posiva early in 2013.

You don't have to know everything right away

Kantonen has learned a great deal during the three summers, since she admits that she knew hardly anything about Posiva when she first applied for a summer job in 2011.

"I found a Posiva stand at the recruitment fair in Rauma and sent an open application to Communications. I was asked to come for an interview and got the summer job."

Kantonen likes the working atmosphere at Posiva. On the other hand, the international interest in final disposal has made an impression on her.

"You can talk about much more than work with colleagues. Olkiluoto is an international place, since international interest in Posiva is increasing as the final disposal draws nearer,"

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