Posiva Solutions

Current projects

China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, China (2017)

  • Training project

Confidential (2017)

  • Study on final disposal canister lid joining technologies

RWMC, Japan (2017)

  • Review of SNF final disposal status in Finland

Fennovoima (2016 -)

  • Expert support in nuclear waste management and spent fuel final disposal project
Press Release 22 June, 2016

SÚRAO, CZ (2016 -)

  • Utilization of foreign experience in the siting process for a deep geological repository for radioactive waste in the Czech Republic.
    Press Release 14 November, 2016

    SKB International, Sweden (2016 -)

    • Expert support of Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Plan in Taiwan

    Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, China (2016 -)

    • Training and technical review projects

    NWMO, Canada (2016)

    • Technical review projects

    Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, Finland (2016)

    • Groundwater investigations of ILLW-repository


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