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News about DOPAS Project

1.9.2014 16.07

POPLU mock up

POPLU mock up was casted underground at the depth of - 420 m in Demosntration area in ONKALO

Before actual emplacement of POPLU plug a mock -up casting was done in July 2014. A mock up is used to confirm the concrete specifications and ensure a good quality of final product. The mock up is required for structures which are implemented as nuclear safety classified components.  POPLU Experiment will be implemented with similar type of authority requirements as construction in real repository, even it would not be necessary in this stage.


The mock up casting was done in miniature  tunnel replica mould, which length is three meter to observe the flow properties of concrete to be used in full scale demonstration.


More information about Finnish nuclear safety regulations are available under STUK's homepage.

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