WP6 Integrating analysis including cross-review of each other's work


WP6 – Integrating analysis including cross-review of each other's work led by Posiva (FI)

This work package produces the final project report. Also it applies the  VTT - Posiva developed  Expert Elicitation  method in the engineering setting as a tool to integrate the results of the project into a formal peer review and to enhance the quality assurance of the outcomes and their integration for a wider use and knowledge building beyond the individual demonstrations. The Expert Elicitation process uses a structured method to combine the views of the specialists around an issue (generally controversial in its nature) and generalists into a common consensus about the issues for further work. This process will be used as means of quality assurance of the final public reports from Work Packages 2-5. The method is first piloted in the context of the POPLU experiments test plan prior its wider application to the final reports. The experts may be the same or differ for the different work package final reports depending on the issue. The approach to DOPAS will be piloted in producing the plug behaviour test plan for the POPLU experiment in WP3. The WP6 includes also a programme of expert staff site visits for consortium staff now foreseen to be organised during 2014 in St Dizier, France, ONKALO, Finland and in Josef Gallery in the Czech Republic during the course of the DOPAS project according to the progress in the ongoing experiments at these locations.

The objectives are:

  • to review the project results by using EE method and ensure that the quality of the results are assured;
  • to provide possibility for expert staff site visits, learning from each others and to enhance the integration between experiments;
  • to compile the lessons learned and experiences useful for implementing plugs and seals in various disposal concepts and high-lighting the future open questions related to plugs and seals; and
  • to produce the final public DOPAS RTD report.