WP2 Definition of requirements and design basis of the plugs and seals to be demonstrated


SKB lead the WP2, whose objectives are:

  • To develop design basis for different plugs and seals describing explicitly the process and approach of coming to the design basis ‐ including transparency of the different national requirements and their comparison to explain the differences in the different experiments' design basisenvisaged in current consortium member's repository systems for salt, clay and crystalline rock.


Further objective in WP2 is to describe the reference designs based on this design basis and elaborate the strategies for demonstrating the conformity of the reference designs to the design basis.There will be four tasks in this work package focusing on the following geologies and experiments.


  • Salt rock: plugs, seals and supporting elements (abutments) in mechanically excavated vertical shafts (ELSA experiment).

  • Clay rock: plug and seal in mechanically excavated horizontal tunnel (FSS Experiment with Andra, Nagra).

  • Crystalline rock: plug and seal in drill-and-blast excavated horizontal tunnel (DOMPLU Experiment with SKB & Posiva;  POPLU Experiment with Posiva, VTT, BTECH and SKB; and EPSP Experiment with RAWRA and CTU).