Johanna Hansen, Posiva, Chair

Marjatta Palmu, Posiva

Matt White, GSL

Mary Westermark, SKB, Secretary

Jean-Michel Bosgiraud, Andra

Marie Garcia, Andra

Jiri Svoboda, CTU

Marketa Dvorakova, SURAO

Dean Gentles, RWM

Erika Holt, VTT

Christophe Davies, EC



DOPAS 2016 proceedings compiled

All DOPAS 2016 materials have been available in different folders, but now the  seminar materials are compiled into one document.

The are two versions available:

- one with links to the posters and presentations (5 MB and ~50 pages)

Dopas Deliverable D7_3_DOPAS 2016 proceedings_final_public_without abstracts (pdf) (2 MB)

- second with all extended abstracts (20 MB and ~300 pages)

Dopas Deliverable D7_3_DOPAS 2016 proceedings_final_public_ver3 (pdf) (20 MB)

Still the DOPAS 2016 seminar materials are found at home page as well.

DOPAS 2016 Newsletter published 

Resume and views about DOPAS 2016 seminar are compiled into the DOPAS Newsletter.

DOPAS_Newsletter_6_DOPAS 2016_web (pdf) (3.6 MB)

The DOPAS 2016 seminar proceedings will be published in the end of the August 2016.


The shore of Aura river was inspiring environment for deep going discussions on plugs and seals for two intensive days.



One week from now the second DOPAS 2016 seminar day is already over and participants are returning home or still staying one more night in Turku before site visit.

The evening is sunny and weather is warm as it have been for all DOPAS 2016 seminar days.

See more about weather in Turku.

Just a reminder for DOPAS 2016 participants staying at Radisson Blu Hotel in Turku

In case you would like to relax after meeting day, there is a good opportunity to take a walk before or after DOPAS 2016 seminar hours in the shore of the Aura River and thereafter enjoy Finnish Sauna, which is daily open for hotel guests.


24 hours (Daily)


07:00 – 10:00
16:00 – 21:00 (Daily)

DOPAS 2016 Seminar gathers experts widely

Over 100 participants from 50 different organisations around the world have been registered to the DOPAS 2016 seminar. Slightly updated DOPAS 2016 seminar programme and list of posters can be found on the left column.

DOPAS 2016 seminar registration ends in the end of April, but few seats are still available

In case you would like to participate to the DOPAS 2016 seminar please contact address below directly, few seats are still available.

In case of any inquiries please contact

Already registered participants have received a confirmation letter in the end of April. Confirmation letter contain more information about Olkiluoto Site visit and other practicalities.

If you don't receive the confirmation letter please contact

Practical information how to reach the Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel is available on DOPAS 2016 Hotel and Travel info (or click the link below)

DOPAS 2016 Hotel and travel info


The special rate is available until Friday 15th April 2016.

Bookings are made directly from Radisson Blu website 

  • è Choose ”book now” and fill in the required fields
  • è On ”Select rate type”-field choose Promotional Code and fill in the booking code DOPAS

See more information under DOPAS 2016 Hotel and travel info

The DOPAS 2016 programme is available

The DOPAS 2016 seminar programme is now available under DOPAS 2016 programme

More than 30 oral presentations related to the different aspect for plugs and seals  for repositories and underground applications will be given in the DOPAS 2016 seminar.

DAY ONE, 25 May 2016, Turku

Session 1

0900-1030: Opening ceremony for DOPAS 2016 seminar and key-note presentations highlighting the European co-operation in demonstrating repository feasibility

Session 2

1110-1230: What DOPAS project can provide for nuclear waste management - key conclusions from DOPAS

Session 3.

1520-1730: Plugging and sealing experiences from various other applications

DAY TWO 26 May 2016, Turku

Session 4.

0810-0930  Civil engineering design for plugs  and seals: location siting, modeling expected performance, material development, civil work installations

Session 5.

1300-1450: Performance of plugs and seals: monitoring of demonstrator tests, monitoring requirements in the repository, performance and safety assessment, compliance assessment, feedback to design basis

Session 6.

1520-1700: The way forward with plugs and seals and concluding remarks

 DOPAS 2016 seminar Abstracts submission dead line extended

If you work with related items or boundary topics, which might benefit the planning, design, operation or decomissioning and closure for future repositories or disposal facilities, this might be an opportunity to present your work or just hear and learn from the experiences from other.

The abstracts can be submitted under following headings and even more broadly.

  • Outcomes from the DOPAS Project
  • Plugs and Seals for Other Purposes
  • Siting of Plugs and Seals
  • Plug and Seal design, Materials and Implementation
  • Role of Plugs in Safety and Performance Assessment
  • The Way Forward for Plug and Seals.

The abstracts submission has been extended until 18th Deember 2015.


The registration to the DOPAS 2016 seminar is open and by registrating now you will ensure your participation to the DOPAS 2016 Seminar.

The preliminary programme will be available in the end of January 2016.

There are still 6 months front of us to the last seminar day and Site visit to Olkiluoto, which takes place  27th May 2016.

Call for Abstract has been published in the middle of June 2015. It can be downloaded under Call for Abstract section.

DOPAS 2016 First announcement final ver2 Sivu 1
DOPAS 2016 First announcement final ver2 Sivu 2