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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's European Atomic Energy Community's (Euratom) Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement no 323273, the DOPAS project.

WP4 Appraisal of plug and seal system's function


NDA leads this work package. The objective of this Work Package is to assess and evaluate:

  • the construction methodologies and technologies for plugs and seals (WP3);
  • the results of the subsequent monitoring phase and the outcome of the dismantling activities to evaluate the predictions against the actual measured performance;
  • summarise the achievements made in design and the industrial scale implementation construction, in the light of the specified required performance of plugs and seals as defined in Work Package 2; and
  • to provide a basis and direct input for performance assessment related activities carried out in (WP5).

Further, any remaining uncertainties that may need to be investigated through improvements in design, technologies of materials or modifications in the construction procedures will be addressed. NDA as the Work Package leader will guide, structure and coordinate the activities based on the results of the on-going in-situ demonstration projects.

The WP4 summary report can be downloaded from here:

DOPAS_Deliverable_D4_4_WP4_Integrated Report_Final (pdf) (6.2 MB)