Personnel and career stories

Posiva aims to provide a healthy, equal work community that promotes equality and does not condone any form of discrimination.

TVO Group’s Code of Conduct and group-level policies lay down the principles of the company’s personnel policy. A prerequisite for the operations of Posiva is that all personnel are motivated, perform their tasks responsibly and commit to adhering to the agreed practices.

Posiva offers its personnel unique and versatile tasks and opportunities to improve their skills in their work and occupation. Posiva encourages efficient work, achievement of goals and good everyday activities.

Posiva follows the collective agreements in the energy sector in its operations. The Group respects the right to belong to a union. The wage systems agreed in the energy sector for the technical and salaried employees are based on the competence classifications of the tasks and support the implementation of equal pay policy. The company’s employee benefits apply in general to all employees, with the exception of very short employment relationships.