Risk management

The goal of Posiva Oy’s risk management is to support the realisation of the strategic and business goals and to maintain operational capabilities. Risk management is arranged in a comprehensive manner based on the operational goals set by the owners and good corporate governance. Posiva’s President and CEO is responsible for ensuring that the risk management measures align with the company’s goals and strategy. He is supported by the management team and the head of risk management.

The overarching themes of Posiva’s risk management efforts are safety, economy and adherence to schedule. The company intends to implement a safe and cost-effective final disposal concept for spent nuclear fuel and cover the production phase of the final disposal, which will last about 100 years.

In the construction phase, Posiva serving as the project organisation and managing dozens of concurrent projects. Operational efforts are carried out through projects, which involve determining risk management for individual projects in the very first phase.

Safety culture surveys conducted by Posiva have indicated that the company’s safety culture is in good shape. In the event that the surveys highlight any deficiencies, measures are promptly initiated to rectify them. Posiva has a separate occupational safety organisation, which is responsible for issuing occupational safety instructions and enforcing compliance with them.

The reputation and credibility of the final disposal method for spent nuclear fuel are important factors in terms of risk management, even on a global scale. In order to reinforce the trust, Posiva has been open about the justifications based on which the final disposal decision will ultimately be made.