Canister transfer and installation vehicle

The canister transfer and installation vehicle (KSAA) is the only safety-classified system (SC3) in the underground deposition process. Its task is to transport and install the copper canisters containing spent fuel into the deposition hole. The canisters are transported inside a 150-mm steel radiation shield cylinder. In addition, the interior of the cylinder has a PE plastic layer that absorbs neutron radiation.

The machine’s own weight is 90 t, but with a canister on board, its weight reaches up to 120 t.

The operation of the canister transfer and installation vehicle begins when the copper canister is lifted from the canister storage inside the radiation shield cylinder. Before setting off, the cylinder is turned to a horizontal position, after which the canister is transported to the selected tunnel. Finally, the vehicle is levelled over the right hole and the canister is lowered in the middle of the buffer blocks.