Working at Olkiluoto

The final disposal project and the related construction and product development, the operating power plant units, and the various current and future projects offer challenging and development-oriented tasks for experts in a variety of fields.

In order to maintain a high level of safety and quality, nuclear power plants adhere to procedures and methodologies that are sometimes more detailed and demanding that those of other industrial facilities. It is a good idea to reserve enough time for obtaining the requisite permits and related documents before starting the actual work.

Workers arriving in Olkiluoto are received at the main gate, where the access pass office personnel provides guidance on how to get started. The access pass office is open Monday to Friday 7 am–3 pm. The office is also open at separately specified times during annual outages. A photo ID must be presented when picking up an access pass.

What is required to obtain a personal access pass:

  • Access permit application
  • Limited security clearance (subcontractors) or standard security clearance (employment relationships within TVO Group) – valid for up to three years. Prefilled sections may not be deleted or edited.
  • Induction training which is valid for three years. The induction training can also be completed at Fortum’s Loviisa power plant or a Swedish nuclear power plant. The times of the classroom sessions are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Reviews of the induction training are arranged through TVO Group’s online learning environment (OppiNet). Training certificates must be sent to tuki-koulutuspalvelut(at)
  • Tax number entered in the public number of tax numbers for the construction field, which is maintained by the Tax Administration (needed for access right to Olkiluoto). More information:
  • For those under radiation work category A, a medical examination certificate (the certificate will remain valid for one year from signature)
  • Dose pass for foreigners working the controlled area.

Instructions for partners can be found here.