Group visits

You can easily book a guided visit for your group at Olkiluoto.

You can reserve a guided visit to Olkiluoto for your group. The programme for the guided visit includes a welcome with coffee catering, an introduction to the company, a tour of the Electricity from Uranium science exhibition, and of course a visit to the operational waste repository.

At the repository, you can also visit the ONKALO exhibition, which presents the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. The duration of the guided visit is about 3.5 hours.

The tailored technical seminars and visits are organised by Posiva Solutions Oy and TVO Nuclear Services OyOpen link in a new tab.

The minimum group size is 10 people. For all group visits, we will require the participants’ personal details (nationality, passport number, date of birth, name, home country, place of birth and the name of employer) two weeks before the visit. All visitors must bring a passport or official ID card with them for the visit. Driving licence is not accepted. The tour of the area will be completed on the visitors’ bus or no more than two visitor vehicles.

Enquiries about group visits and bookings may be done by telephone (Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm EET) +358 (0)2 8381 5221 or by e-mail: vierailut(at)

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Media visits

Day visits for the media are organised throughout the year. More information is available on the media page.