Competence development

Posiva is continuously organising training to maintain the professional expertise and competence of its personnel.

The foundation for the safe operation of nuclear facilities is formed by competent and motivated employees. Thanks to their extensive expertise and continuous training, Posiva employees can, for good reason, be characterised as world-class specialists in safe final disposal on an industrial scale. The expertise of Posiva personnel is also in high demand for final disposal projects throughout the world.

Internal training is organised with regard to plant, nuclear and operating technology, among other themes. The high level of competence is achieved through area-specific training requirements, work rotation, induction and work guidance, for example. Personal training plans cover the training requirements of operations, permits and special roles, among other areas. Personnel training is extensive and continues throughout their careers.

Each year, TVO Group prepares a comprehensive annual training plan, which accounts for function-specific training requirements as well as other separate training needs. On average, TVO Group employees go through more days of training in a year than other industrial workers.

TVO Group strives to ensure competence development by keeping abreast of its own future needs as an employer of energy sector specialists. The Group also cooperates with educational institutions and students in a variety of ways, such as offering summer jobs.