Occupational well-being

Posiva’s management and operating culture are being developed as part of TVO Group’s ‘Better Workplace’ project, which aims to increase operational efficiency and secure operational capabilities by developing matters related to employee-specific tasks, the immediate work community and the Group as a whole. For example, the 2019 themes for the project were developing work community skills and occupational well-being, deploying the lessons learned from the change management and communications project, and the HSE issues pertaining to the “healthy at work and home” theme.

Occupational well-being will be promoted through comprehensive occupational health care available to all personnel, supplementary employee insurance coverage, and Smartum’s sports and culture balance. Voluntary medical expenses insurance, extra accident insurance and travel insurance policies are available to permanent TVO Group employees.

The occupational health care pays particular attention to the preventive maintenance of work capacity as well as its risk-based analysis. An example of this is active small group efforts to address factors threatening the work capacity of special groups in a targeted manner.

Occupational well-being and community sprit are also promoted by organising a variety of family and employee events. Numerous holiday homes are also available to the personnel.

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