Posiva Solutions exports final disposal expertise on a global scale

Posiva Solutions Oy is a prime example of the export of Finnish expertise. The core service provided by Posiva Solutions is diverse consulting related to final disposal, and the company sells its expertise both domestically and abroad.

“Last year, Posiva Solutions, which got started in 2016, employed a total of 110 people. Some of them worked half-days, while other worked through the entire year. The operating model employed by Posiva Solutions is an excellent example of networked operations,” says Managing Director Mika Pohjonen.

According to Pohjonen, the experience and competence accumulated by the experts in Finland is in high demand across the world.

“Irrespective of geology, the challenges pertaining to final disposal are largely the same wherever you go. Posiva’s knowledge and expertise with regard to optimisation are in global demand – we have seen wide-spread interest. Even though it is possible to gain expertise independently up to a point, you cannot buy the experience Posiva has accumulated. Posiva’s experience also enables customers to save considerable amounts of time and money.”

In addition to its own project, the parent company Posiva has been engaging in international cooperation with final disposal organisations in various countries for decades. The most important partner has been the Swedish final disposal company SKB (Svensk Kärnbränslehantering Ab). This has broadened Posiva’s expertise, helped it forge good relationships and increase awareness. Thanks to this solid foundation, Posiva Solutions has been able to continue its climb and gain customers in as many as ten countries.

According to Pohjonen, the mission of Posiva Solutions is, on the one hand, conduct profitable business and, on the other, maintain and develop in-house expertise. Posiva is the world’s leading provider of final disposal services, and the experience and competence of the company’s specialists is in high demand for final disposal projects across the world.

“As an added bonus, involvement in international projects also inevitably adds to your own experience and insight,” Pohjonen says in summary.