Posiva submits application for operating licence for encapsulation and final disposal facility of spent nuclear fuel


Posiva submitted the application for the operating licence for the encapsulation and final disposal facility to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland today, 30 December 2021.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will review the operating licence application and eventually forward it to the Council of State for approval. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK) will conduct a safety assessment of the application and is in charge of the oversight of the construction and commissioning of the nuclear facility. The actual final disposal activities are designed to start in mid-2020s.

According to Posiva's CEO and President, Mr. Janne Mokka, the submittal of the application for the operating licence is a significant milestone for the entire emission-free and climate-smart nuclear energy sector.

- We can all take pride in the long-term and responsible approach of the various parties in the use of nuclear energy in Finland with Posiva now having the capability to launch the first, demonstrably safe final disposal operation of spent fuel in the world here in Olkiluoto. We have a solution, Mr. Mokka says.

- The work carried out for several decades to demonstrate long-term safety and develop the final disposal facility concept ONKALO® to suit the conditions of Olkiluoto has now been finalised and we can concentrate on the installation of equipment in the encapsulation plant and the final disposal repository, commissioning of the facility and preparations for operational activities.

The multi-disciplinary project has required world-class expertise, and still does. The main roles of the project have been played by Posiva's own personnel and our extensive network of partners, developing the safe final disposal concept for more than 40 years.

Ms. Tiina Jalonen, Senior Vice President, Development, for Posiva, says that the future outlook is now promising.

- In addition to engaging in the safe operational implementation of final disposal in the future, we are developing our concept further towards a more industrial solution and support the vision of our subsidiary Posiva Solutions of turning the expertise gained during the project into a successful Finnish export product, Ms. Jalonen concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Janne Mokka, President and CEO

Interview requests: Pasi Tuohimaa, Communications Manager, tel. +358 40 544 5001

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