Second AGV platform delivered from Italy to Finland for testing


The second AGV platform for deployment in Posiva’s final disposal facility in ONKALO® has now also been delivered from Italy to Finland for machine integration in the testing hall in Karjaranta, Pori. The platform that now arrived serves as a platform for bentonite buffer installation machine and for granular backfill installation machine.

The second AGV platform has just arrived in Karjaranta in Pori, shown on the left in the photo. The buffer installation machine for the final disposal deposition tunnel is already mounted on the platform. The AGV platform used as a “runner, which arrived in the summer, is shown on the right.

The first AGV platform tested in ONKALO in August serves as a “runner” and carries the buffer transfer machine and the granular backfill transfer machine.

In Karjaranta, activities and tests related to equipment integration and autonomous navigation are carried out on the AGV platforms. The platforms will be transported to Olkiluoto for underground tests in March.

The AGV platform is a six-wheel, rising and lowering carriage with a maximum payload of 50 tons. The maximum speed of the carriage is 5 kilometres per hour. It is used under remote control in challenging tunnel premises.

Fact box: Cometto HT 50 Hybrid
- Hybrid drive system. Fully electric in practice, but the batteries can be charged with a diesel engine, if necessary.
- 50-ton pay load.
- Three-shaft linkage.
- Maximum speed 5 km/h
- Minimum speed 1 cm/s
- 360-degree steering

Text: Pasi Tuohimaa
Photo: Eero Väisänen